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27.11.2022 21:39 - Rosa Popova - an inspirational actress
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 Rosa Popova - an Inspirational Actress 

By Victoria Bozhilova

Being the only Bulgarian woman published in the Munich book, which covers some of the most brilliant European actresses, Rosa Popova inspires young actresses from all over the country. Having been stalked, shot in the heart, humiliated and fired she prevailed and never once gave up. Her life, from the beginning till the end, was dedicated to the art of theatre in its entire glory. 

Her mother a Polish woman and her dad a Bulgarian man, Popova was born in Sofia in 1879 by the name Ruska Mihailova Manuilova. By the time the actress turned 16 she was married to the 30 year-old Stoyan Popov. He was a school teacher who had been widowed shortly after his first wedding. Stoyan helped Rosa with her studies and they even did her homework together. 
   During that time the only existing theatre group was “Salza i Smyah” (Laughter and Tears). The committee of acceptance comsisted of Bulgarian intellectuals such as Ivan Vazov, Ivan Shishmanov and Konstantin Velichkov. During her first audition Rosa became a favourite. During performances the young star had problems with her colleagues. They treated her with disrespect and once some serious problems occurred she felt forced to run away. Later everyone in the theatre group was fired and Rosa was offered the opportunity to chose between becoming a lead actress or getting a scholarship to act outside of the country. She declined both, still hurt from the words of the other actors, and went to find her own way.

With the help of her husband a new group was formed - Theatre “Rosa Popova” and they started touring. The actress decided it’s not enough to just act out the play, and usually would stay after a performance to educate the public on the period place and history it takes place. After three seasons the group settled in Sofia. They sold out theatres in the entire city performing both old and modern plays. 
   During her career Popova had many admirers whom her husband viewed as nothing but an audience. In 1900 the married couple traveled to the town of Vraca where they met the 25 years old Todor Bogdanov. He fell in love with the actress immediately. He even got to the point where he stalked her and eventually showed up at her door on a day her husband is away. Bogdanov pulled out a gun and aimed for the actress’s heart. He then shot himself and died on the spot. To everyone’s surprise Rosa survived. 
   She was then fired from The National Theatre so the married couple traveled tothe city of Plovdiv and to Ruse to the travelling theatre of Rosa Popova. After a while Stoyan, who was known for his kids books, started writing erotic books secretly and was met by huge success. He spent his last years in Shumen and died in 1939 on the 31st of December. Rosa followed him in the afterlife 10 years after.  Rosa is a real inspiration for everyone and now having read her story she inspires me. Not to be an actress but to fully live my life and not be scared to follow my dreams and passions. That is what the life of one extraordinary woman taught me.


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